Friday, December 09, 2011

Quiet day

The boys went to their Aunt Aimee's today. She's cool like that, she just randomly takes all 4 boys. :-) When we got home, they dove into the pile of library books I'd gotten them.
Andrew reading to Noah.  They both love books and I love that Andrew is starting to read on his own without me prompting him.

We got this leapster for Andrew's 4th birthday.  Now Joel is starting to play it. 

All the boys were sitting quietly except this one.  He was throwing fits.  First he wanted to pound on the computer keyboard.  He also likes to click the mouse around and make the screen change.  When I took him away from that, he tried take the leapster from Joel, resulting in another screaming fit.  So I stuck him in his crib for a time-out.

"Ok, Mom.  I'm done screaming now.  PUH-LEASE let me out!"

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