Friday, December 09, 2011


So I did dare venture into Hobby Lobby with all the boys this week. It was an interesting endeavor, especially when one lady asked me if my boys were quads. Maybe she needed glasses?? Anyway, here's the one craft I got to this week. You can see my inspiration here.  I chose to use fabric on my canvas, but you could use textured wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or glue designs on the canvas and then paint.  But fabric is super easy and quick.

First, I cut my fabric to size.  No measuring, just eye-balled it.

I hot glued the long edges first and then wrapped the ends like a present...

and ended up with this.

I painted my letters with a cheap acrylic paint and it took 5 coats.  Not recommended.  I think I would do spray paint if I did it again.  Also, I used some heavy cardboard letters and I think foam or light wood would be better.  Fun holiday decor for about $10!

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