Monday, October 26, 2015

What's Cookin'

Mon~ Barbecue Chicken on buns, roasted yellow potatoes, veggies and dip.  This barbecue chicken is one of my favorite meals.  I like to eat the leftovers on a quesadilla or pizza.  It also freezes really well.
Tues~Turkey Rice soup, bread
Wed~Spaghetti, broc, garlic bread
Thurs~Mexican chicken with black beans, crockpot brown rice, corn
Fri~Leftovers, scrambled eggs
Sun~Crockpot Ranch chicken with potatoes and carrots

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Orchard Trip

The best Michigan field trip is hands down a fall trip to an apple orchard.  We went to Sietsma Orchard this morning with some homeschool friends.  I took all 6 kids and it actually went pretty well!  Good thing it was only an hour tour that included donuts.  :-)

Here's the whole crew:

After a hay ride through the orchard and a short tour of their apple storage and cider making, we all had delicious, fresh donuts and cider.

Aaron and Luke were pretty happy about this part of the field trip.

After cider and donuts, we went back into the orchard and each of the kids got to pick an apple.  Luke was able to eat about half of his, seeds and all!

It was a beautiful fall day!

J liked the donuts, apples, and seeing his friends!

Ok, let's watch Mabel closely in this picture and the next two.  This one turned out pretty well, all heads are turned toward the camera.

Mabel hears a clucking sound behind her and turns to see what it is...

a dreaded chicken!  Shrieks of terror ensued.  Another animal that Mabel does not like.