Monday, August 18, 2008

5 weeks to go

I had a dr appointment this morning and everything looks good. The heartbeat is in the 140's and I am measuring right on. I will NOT be revealing how much weight I have gained! :-) We are looking forward to this new arrival. Due date: Sept 23

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some summer pics

Here are some pics of Chris with his boys:
Chris just got home from one of his first days of work and the boys had just gotten up from their naps. I think Chris looks the most tired of the three!

Chris is just about to leave for one of his interviews.

Yummy popsicle!


This boy loves his cheese. There are blueberries on his plate, but none of them got eaten. His new thing is throwing food behind his back. The other day he squished a banana all over his shirt and I cannot get it out. I've washed it 5x already.

Cousins play day

Our garden

I really wanted to have a small garden this year so I planted some beans, tomatoes, cabbage and brussel sprouts (Chris really wanted those). However, I didn't take care of it very well so we're not really getting a bumper crop of anything! Here's a picture of my first bean picking.


The boys and I went to visit Chris's family in Ludington on Tues. Noah and Andrew both had barrels of fun on the beach. Noah crawled right for the water. I think they must have played in the sand for over two hours.

Noah and cousin Kaimira.

Adrienne, Andrew, and Cady

Mommy and Noah (the sun was really bright).

Andrew playing in the sand

Monday, August 04, 2008

News around here

Chris started his new job last week so he is now entering his second week as Director of Distance Learning at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and he is loving it! Stop in and see him sometime, he would love to show you his office and all the cool techno stuff he gets to use. He also loves the Christian atmosphere--everyone in the building meets every morning for prayer at 9:45. Although he is home later in the evening than when he was teaching, he is home in the morning when the boys get up and is able to stay up later at night.
The boys are continuing to grow. Discipline is a continuing issue with Andrew, but he is also very affectionate and loving. Noah has a mind of his own and is sooo close to walking, but he crawls so fast, a stumbling walk doesn't hold much interest to him yet.
I currently have 7 weeks until baby number 3 arrives and I haven't done a thing yet! I guess all I really need at the moment is some diapers since the baby has a place to sleep and I have plenty of boy clothes. Chris and I are pretty sure its a boy so we will see what the Lord brings. I have been sorely lacking in energy lately, but today I actually got part of my house tidied up. So I'll try keep that momentum going.
Hope everyone enjoys the last month of summer. I am looking forward to slightly cooler weather!