Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a Man

I have been sick for the last five days, and even though I have been cranky and irritable, Chris has done a wonderful job keeping the kids under control when he is home. Saturday and Sunday they were completely in his care. Now, he is staying overnight in Kzoo tonight because of parent/teacher conferences, so I have the kids all to myself until tomorrow evening. I now realize how wonderful it is to have two parents in the house and am grateful for all Chris does to lighten my load. Now, my challenge is to get the house put back together before he gets home tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random Happenings in the Engelsma Home

Noah is not going to be walking as fast as Andrew was. Andrew started walking when he was about 11 and a half months old and Noah is already 10 months old and is finally a stable sitter. He can't crawl yet, but somehow he manages to get where he wants to go!

Noah loves taking baths in the kitchen sink. I put towels down on the floor to catch all the splashes! Notice the mohawk (or tomahawk as Great-Grandpa VDT says). His hair is growing the thickest right down the middle of his head.

About a month or so ago, Andrew would not take his afternoon nap. He was downstairs with Chris while I made supper that evening, and when I called my boys up to eat, only Chris came. When I went to investigate, this is what I found. Guess he still needs those naps!

Jan. 27 was my 25th birthday. While I was out, Chris decorated the house and the kids, including our niece, Adrienne! It was a fun surprise.

Chris decided that with this pregnancy we should watch my belly grow more closely so we are documenting the progress on film. Here I am at about 8 weeks. Oh, Andrew decided to get in on the picture too!

I've been sick since Fri evening and now Andrew is coming down with it too. The poor boy actually climbed in my bed this morning to take a nap without any prompting from mommy! Thankfully, Noah's still a happy boy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Grand Rapids Children's Museum

Last week Thurs we went to the Grand Rapids Children's museum with all the cousins to see Bob the Builder! I bought Andrew a Bob video last summer at a garage sale and he loves Bob. He was very excited! There is so much to do there that he was a little overwhelmed. He moved from place to place before finally settling down. Bob's Cafe, where he got to cook and serve food, and the sand table were definitely his favorites.

Andrew with some cousins and friends playing in the sandbox.

Andrew and Adrienne catching fish.

Andrew driving Scoop (I think!).

Helping Bob build a rock wall.

So much fun!