Friday, December 23, 2011

Aspiring artists

If you stop to see us, chances are you will find one or all boys drawing or coloring. Andrew has reams of coloring pages laying all over which he recently hole punched into a binder.  Andrew loves to draw but they all like mommy to print out coloring pages, especially pirates and lego men.

Here they are coloring some lego pictures, using our lone pack of unbroken crayolas.

Notice how close Joel is to the paper?  He has an eye doc appointment next week.  This is how he reads books and watches things on the computer too.  The pediatrician wanted to make sure we caught any problems early before they were more difficult to fix.  And see what hand his crayon is in?  His Aunt Andrea pointed out today that she thinks he's left handed.

I caught this boy with a crayon and paper too.  He loves to dig around in the crayon drawer and color on the floor.  Good thing crayon washes up pretty easily.
Pretty pleased with his accomplishments!  Especially with the holes he managed to cut in his pj's with a misplaced scissors... 

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  1. a plain dry paper towel or kleenex gets crayon off floors/tables nicely. I always try dry before using a wet cloth to scrub.
    glad Joel is getting his eyes checked. Never noticed he was a lefty. Jude is a lefty and a righty, we'll see which ones sticks?


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