Saturday, December 03, 2011

Bird seed and turkey crafts

During Thanksgiving week I did a couple of different activities with the boys.  One thing we did was make bird feeders out of birdseed and gelatin.  We gave these away as gifts.  

Noah is helping mix the birdseed and gelatin together before we put it in molds.

Andrew's turn.

Joel must have needed a little help.
I used the rings from canning jars for our molds.  We inserted some looped ribbon so they could hang from trees.
Next we did some turkey handprints on paper bags to put our gifts in.

I made the boys strip down to their underwear so we wouldn't get paint on their clothes.  :-)


Finished products.  I didn't take a pic but we put the bird feeders in the bags, glued a Bible verse on them and then tied them shut with ribbon and Thanksgiving cards that Andrew colored. 

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