Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with Blue Grandpa and Grandma (and Nate and Shell)

Nate, Michelle, and my Dad made a delicious steak dinner for all of us since my mom had to work that day. The boys were treated to corn dogs. :-) 

Eating dinner on snowman dishes is so much fun.

Especially when you get to eat a hot dog on a stick!

Here's Uncle Nate's babysitting directions:  Turn on Ipad.

Unfortunately, it doesn't hold all the boys' attention for long.  Frog escaped and Aaron is making a break for it too.

Traditional winter tree shot.  This is the ONLY one that turned out because Aaron was having none of it.

Gifts from grandpa and grandma.  Their favorites were little nerf guns and remote control vehicles.

Frog closely inspecting his package.

Aaron wasn't too interested in unwrapping packages, but he's pretty thrilled with his new police car that talks and lights up.

Thanks for the fun time, Grandpa and Grandma!

Happy 7th birthday, Andrew!

Andrew turned 7!  7 seems so old to me.  But thankfully, he is still a cuddly little boy and quite loving and attentive to his mother.  :-)  

"A wise son maketh a glad father."  Proverbs 15:20
Andrew's mind is continually stretching and growing and we can see him pondering spiritual things.  Although he doesn't understand everything yet, we are so thankful that he is thinking about God and eternity and we pray that he will grow to love the Lord and to serve Him all of his days.

Special birthday breakfast.  He'd been waiting a long time for his birthday.

It was a special day so he got his own cup of heavily sugared coffee for breakfast.

He got some lego which he's already built multiple times already.  Noah is pretty interested too.

His favorite candy.

One explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs~a volcano!

Trucks, lego, and playmobil from aunts and grandparents.  

Cady is one week younger than Andrew and he gave her a tiny American Girl doll. 

Simple things

... like a chocolate chip smiley face in their oatmeal makes them so happy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Frog with glasses

We spent a couple hours at the eye doctor's today and the official diagnosis is myopia (or just plain near sighted).  The doctor says he definitely needs glasses and he's going to be able to see so much better that after a week or so, he'll probably never want to take them off.  Oh, and he looks super cute with glasses.  :-)