Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 Homeschool Track and Field

The boys were super excited to participate in another track and field day this year.  It wasn't very warm, but it was nice and sunny.  Sunny enough that Luke's cheeks got a little red.
Here is Joel running the 50 yard dash.  He didn't place but he said he kept someone behind him.  :-)

 Joel got first place in the soccer kick!

Here's Andrew running the 200 meter.  He said it was a bit long, but he had a nice smile and wave for the camera!

Andrew had a great time and got a ribbon for participation.

Andrew's group~The kids are split into small groups of 5 or 6 according to age and gender.  A volunteer leads them around to each event.

 Here's Noah's 50 meter run.

Noah, the athlete of our family.  He got first place in the 50 meter, the soccer kick, and the tennis ball throw.  He received a 2nd place ribbon for the 100 meter after doing a tie breaker run with another boy who beat him.  He said his favorite event was running!

This is our 6th year participating in track and field (Check out 2010, 2011, and 2013).  The year that Aaron turned three was super rainy and Aaron was petrified of the starting gun.  You can hear him sobbing hysterically in the videos I took that year.  Last year was his first year of participating and we thought he was over being frightened by the gun.  I guess not!  No ribbons for Aaron this year, not even participation!  He held his ears and whimpered for an hour.  I really don't think it hurt his ears because its not that loud and I moved him to the far side of the field so that we weren't even close to it.  Hoping he gets over it again by next year!  And next year, Luke gets to join in the fun!