Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Applebee's and kids

Today my friend Kelly and I decided to go out for lunch at Applebee's to celebrate our birthdays which fall exactly one month apart. Not a good idea. Kelly has two kids who are reasonably well behaved. I have one child who is...kind of well behaved until he needs his nap. The fun started even before our lunch arrived. Andrew would have none of his snacks and threw his pipe on the ground about a million times (slight exaggeration). So we decided to ask for boxes and go back to my house to eat our lunch in relative peace. However, our waiter was doing who-knows-what in the kitchen and it was another fifteen minutes before we could get our boxes and pay for our meals. When he finally comes out of the kitchen, he waits on about three other tables first, continually glancing at us. We both had our coats on and were frantically trying to keep our kids from pulling dishes off the table. Unfortunately, the carpet under that table will never be the same. Too many smushed pretzels and cheerios. Anyway, lesson learned: Next time, its take-out.

(Pictures next time, I promise!)