Thursday, January 26, 2006

Finally, an update!

I've finally gotten around to updating my blog (here you go, Kate)!
So, Andrew turned one about a month ago and he had two birthday parties and got to smash chocolate cake all over the place twice! Plus, he now has more toys than any child I know and his room looks like a toy factory exploded. But of course, he doesn't play with any of his toys, he just gets into all my cupboards and makes a mess! Oh well.
It was so nice seeing all my friends and family over Christmas, especially my good friend Kate. I hope she decides to stay in GR when she gets back home from the Netherlands, since now her plans are to go to California when she gets back. We also visited my grandparents in Canada which was really nice.
Chris enjoyed going back to school after Christmas break, and I actually got to sub twice this week which was great. Part of me really wants the experience of being a regular teacher with my own classroom, while the other part wonders why I would put myself through that. Maybe someday. Right now I'm trying to fix up our house. I painted the ceiling in the laundry room yesterday, and tomorrow I'm going to use the new drill my parents gave me for my birthday to put drawer pulls on the drawers in Andrew's room. Oh, and tomorrow is also my 23rd birthday. Not real momentous, but still fun.