Friday, June 19, 2009


Watch this.

She says this to a Brigadier General!!!

(I'm shutting down my political blog and just merging it with this one.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pictures from the past week

Kaimira and Noah (these are the dried peas bandits...they left peas all over my basement!)
Hmm...looks like someone needs a haircut!

Cute little boy!

Noah and Caleb K. at the B and G club campout. They are starting to play so well together.

Little brothers.

A Craigslist Find

Here's what we just picked up tonight:

The lady I bought it from said she was getting rid of it because her kids fought over it too much. Just wondering what I got myself into buying one tractor for three boys?

A Hairy Situation :-)

As you all know, Joel's hair is very eye catching.

Here's a picture of him au natural.

Here's a picture of him after Daddy got a hold of some hairspray. :-)
He looks pretty happy about his new look!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What's Cookin'

Who knows? :-)
I have some vague notions of what I will make for dinners this week, but nothing concrete. Its finally warm out so I think I will take a break from menu planning this week. And since I just made 3 recipes of Baked Ziti and 3 Cinnamon roll recipes, I'm kinda sick of thinking about food right now...

Monday, June 08, 2009

What's Cookin'

I am spoiled rotten this week in regards to meal planning! I'm only cooking once!

Mon~Boys and daddy have mac and cheese while mommy's working
Tues~Out for dinner with Uncle Donald and a visit to Aunt Nellie
Wed~Grad Open house
Thurs~Mexican stuffed chicken, baked potatoes, corn, salad
Fri~Pizza at church for B and G club campout (We're trying out our monster tent!)
Sat~Too exhausted to eat~probably sandwiches if we can rouse some energy!
Sun~Baked ziti, breadsticks all from the freezer

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Difficult Decisions Made Easier

This was the title of our sermon this morning, given by Dr. Murray. His focus was on "How to choose friends?" Start with God's word. What does God's word have to say?
1. Be Jesus-centered~Make sure you have the best Friend of all.
2. Show yourself friendly, or you won't have friends.
3. Be careful in choosing friends~evil communications corrupt good manners.
4. Be varied in your friendships. Don't try to be best friends with everyone. For example, Jesus was friends with sinners, closer friends with the 12 disciples, had an inner 3 disciples he was even closer to, and there is evidence that he was even closer to the disciple John.
5. Choose friends that will help you become closer to the Lord and that you can mutually benefit from spiritually.
6. Be character centered~look for friends who are loyal, truthful, moral, and respect authority.
7. Make face to face friendships~Jesus called His disciples to be with Him (remember, we are living in the age of Facebook!)
8. Don't idolize friendships~make sure no friend takes the #1 spot.

The sermon will be available here soon.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Week in pictures

Joe Joe and his spiked hair.

Noah pulling Joel in the wagon.

Stopping for rocks. The child is obsessed with rocks. His seat in the van is full of rocks because he picks one up every time he gets in the car. (The brick wall behind them is the neighbor's retaining wall which is almost finished. It looks super nice on the side of our yard!)

Pic is blurry, but here's Noah trying to push Joel's head up so he doesn't lean down to pick up his rocks.

Noah in the sandbox. He played in here almost all day Saturday while Chris, his brother Nate, and my dad installed most of our chain link fence for the background. We have three sides finished, one more to go.

Andrew and Adrienne...and as I'm typing this, Andrew tells me Adrienne is his girlfriend...and Cady~2 girlfriends!

Simon guarding Joel.

Andrew and his garden in the sandbox~notice his army pants. He really wanted a pair of camo pants and I found a pair for him and Noah at Salvation Army. He's worn them twice already and has had them less than a week.

Joel in the wagon.

Brothers~Andrew requested this photo op.

Our massive tent~we set it up tonight to see how it works and next weekend we will sleep in it for one night while we are at the B and G club campout. The boys can hardly wait! They loved going in the tent. Quite the tent~even has self rolling windows!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Blow-up Slide

Last evening was PCS's 100th anniversary school picnic. Over 800 people were served hamburgers and hot dogs in less than 20 minutes! After dinner, blow-up activities were available for the kids. Here's Andrew on a blow-up slide:

He climbed to the top, bounced around a bit, and slid right down! He was going to go again, but then decided to go on the bounce house. We waited in a line for over 20 minutes and he bounced about three times and decided he'd had enough!

Cousin Cady

Cousin Adrienne~I think she bounced to close to the edge and slipped down before she was ready!

Pics taken by Aunt Cindy

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sidenote on today's dinner

I made cheese stuffed breadsticks and they were fabulous! Try them out. I don't think they're too good for you (although I did use whole wheat flour!), but they were great!

Come camping with us!

We just bought a new tent and hope to camp a few times this summer. We would love to have all our friends and family visit us. Don't think you'll be able to find us? Don't worry! Just look for the huge circus-like tent! Our's will be the largest tent in the campground. In fact, we may need two sites just to set the monstrosity up. Seriously, take a look at this tent.
The thing is 8 feet high in the middle and has a hinged door! You can fit 4 queen size airbeds in it or 12 people. Do ya think we'll have enough room? :-)

PS Chris just discovered the tent comes with a lantern to hang with a remote control! That's more high-tech than our house!

Multitasking Baby