Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Cookin'

Tonight we had dinner with Chris's folks. Was so nice, especially since I was planning leftovers again! Andrew ate almost two hotdogs, a hamburger on a bun and ice cream. But he needs the protein and fat. :-)

Some dinner options (so not inspired this week):

Pea soup, breadsticks (I've had this on the plan for almost a month and I still haven't made it yet!)
Chicken nuggets, fries, salad for Wed when my sister and mom come and help me clean for the day. I doubt I'll feel like moving by the end of the day!
Worcestshire chicken, au gratin potatoes, carrots
Grilled chicken, baked potatoes, broccoli
Frozen pizza, salad
Spaghetti, breadsticks, salad (make a double batch to freeze, especially since bulk sausage is on sale with a coupon this week at Meijer. Final cost will be 89 cents per roll.)


  1. and we think our lives are busy! talk about sacrifice, and love.

  2. oops, that comment was for the veteran story


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