Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Zoo Trip

My parents gave the boys a zoo pass for their birthdays this year so we decided to go as a family on Saturday. John Ball Zoo added an alligator and baboons this year to their exhibits so we saw those for the first time on Sat. Not too many pics, but here's a few.

Outside the aquarium looking at the big fish.

The zoo pass is perfect for our kids since a quick look is all they are interested in. We're able to get through the zoo in about an hour, but we can come every day if we want.

Joel, interested in the bears. The are the best exhibit at the zoo and they were both moving around on Saturday.

Trying to get a group shot.

A little better. :-)

Here's Nessie, firmly entrenched in the pond outside the zoo. It is now a permanent part of the zoo after being fixed up since it was taking on water. It was part of the big Artprize competition in Grand Rapids last fall.

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