Monday, May 24, 2010

Water Fun in the Sun

It was warm today! High of 89 degrees with humidity of almost 50 percent. Perfect day to try out Andrew's new sprinkler toy he got from his cousin Adrienne for his birthday.

Andrew setting up.

Noah loved running in the water. It helped it was so hot.

Both boys having fun.

Joel wasn't too thrilled to get sprayed with water but he had a great time with a bucket of cold water and a measuring cup.

After awhile we turned the sprinkler off and the boys just played with big buckets of water. Very refreshing!
Tomorrow we hope to go to Millenium Park with some friends. I'm sure the boys will have a blast in the sand and water and I think mommy might get in too. :-)


  1. Heather...what a good mother you are! Out in the very high heat/humidity and nine months pregnant!! You are awesome. Hope my new nephew or neice comes soon!!! AB

  2. LOL That's about all I did yesterday! I'm hoping this baby shows up soon too, but Chris says not this week, he's busy at work! :-)


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