Saturday, May 29, 2010

This past week in pics

Ok, yes, we are totally redneck. Evidence in the pics below:

Cute bare bunners.

So discrete.

Following daddy while watering the trees.
If these pics don't convince you, come on over and witness Noah pulling down his pants in the middle of the backyard taking a leak. He had an audience of about 10 people in the neighbor's pool today. Oy.

Precious daddy time at the piano with Joel.

Andrew did this new puzzle totally by himself. So proud!

Joel had a slight fever for a day and a half. Here he is laying in my bed with his paci, "gankie," and drink.

All the boys and 2 girls (Julia's missing from the pic) at Millenium Park beach.
Caleb, Hadassah (my camera kind of misses her), Colton, Levi, Noah, Andrew, and Joel. I think Casey is behind Andrew.

Andrew playing frisbee.

Noah in the water.

Joel loving the sand.

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