Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's Cookin'

So this weeks menu plan went down in flames.  I think maybe I made one meal out of it.  We were all sick and no one really felt like eating until yesterday (Chris made some pretty fabulous spaghetti.).  But I am thankful that now all of us have had it and hopefully it's done, and I'm very thankful that Chris has a job that if necessary, he can do from home while watching 4 boys so his wife can rest.  :-)  Because that's what I did most of the day Thursday and watched a lot of cooking shows (And now I think I can be an Iron Chef but that's a tale for another day.).

Here's next weeks menu:
Mon~Spaghetti x 2, cauliflower, artisan bread (I even have the Italian sausage cooked already.  I feel so on top of it!)  :-)
Tues~Tacos x 3, chips and salsa, raw veg
Wed~Freezer meal
Thurs~Pizza, raw veg
Fri~Some kind of beef (maybe steak), mashed potatoes (freezer), roasted winter veg, salted caramel cheesecake
Sat~Chili, brown rice, cornbread
Sun~Meatball soup, rolls

FYI-Kitchen tip
I went grocery shopping Tuesday night and forgot the potatoes in the car trunk.  By the time I rescued them today, they were froze solid.  I was thinking I would have to throw them away, but after they thawed a bit, I peeled them and cut some mushy spots off and then made freezer mashed potatoes using PW's recipe here.  Phew!


  1. Hi! (O:

    How are mashed potatoes once they have been frozen? Do they have a funny texture? How do you warm them up again?

  2. Hi Belinda!
    I use this recipe from Pioneer Woman.

    I just freeze them in family-size portions and thaw them on my counter the day I want to use them (draining a bit of the excess water off), and pop them in the oven in a greased pan for about a half hour.

    No funny texture. I'm guessing the cream cheese and butter takes care of that. :-) I like these potatoes because they really don't need gravy and they go with just about anything.

  3. Doesn't look like the link went through on my comment so I've updated my post to include the recipe.


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