Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last zoo visit of 2011

 Next Saturday is the last day the zoo is open for 2011 so we went one last time this morning with Kaiya and Jayden.  We've already used our pass a ton this season and it doesn't expire until July.  They boys still like to go even though we've gone a bunch of times and its fun to be able to bring friends. 

Bears were pretty frisky today.  The grizzly was pounding at the door.  Hope he didn't want to get out!

Kids in front of the bears.  We made them stay and watch them for a bit.

Happy boy ! zoo

This guy was pretty funny.  He kept sticking his tongue out at us.  We called him Gramps.

This spider monkey looks to be heavily encumbered with child.

Playground to ourselves, yahoo!

I think they're all actually looking at the camera.

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