Tuesday, November 01, 2011

10 FREE photo cards

Check out Saving Addiction's post on how to get 10 FREE photo cards!  I just did it and it worked great (site was a little slow, but the code worked perfectly).  These cards look very high quality and I liked how there was room to add a verse with our names.  You also have the option of adding text to the back of the card so if you wanted to type up a family Christmas letter, you could do that there.  The cards come with high-quality designer envelopes and a pre-printed return address on the back flap.  What a deal!

Also, if you need more than 10 (and who doesn't?), here's another post that shows how to get 20 for $1.49.  You can do multiple orders using the same code if you need more.  I've ordered from SeeHere in the past and I like how customizable the cards are, but they don't have near the selection of designs and the quality isn't as good as other printing services.  But if you need a lot of cards, its a good deal.   I just made 20 and I may make 20 more tomorrow.

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