Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Grocery Deals

Here's my haul from Meijer tonight.  The best deals were the cranberry juice and the Idahoan potatoes.  They were free.  The panko crumbs were 79 cents each and I got 75 cents off my next order.  The Rotel were 73 cents each after coupons and the Jack's pizza were $1.45 each after coupons.  The GoGurt would have been about $1/box but for some reason my Mperks coupon for $2/6 didn't come off and I didn't notice until I got home.  Eggs are also 99 cents/dozen so I got 6 dozen eggs.  

Also, at Aldi this week, their artisan salad lettuce is 99 cents.  I've bought this a few times before and we really like it.  It's a box with 4 different kinds of lettuce in it, enough for about 4 large dinner salads.  Also, butter is $1.99 and cream cheese is 89 cents this week.

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