Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Indianapolis 2008

A few weeks ago we took a short and sweet trip to Indianapolis. Chris had a conference there, so Andrew, Noah, and I went along to keep him company (Cindy kept Joel for us) and play in the pool. Here are some pics:

Noah dipping his feet in the pool (This is right before he stood up and fell on his head. The floor around the pool was super slippery!)

Andrew playing in the pool. He used to be really scared, but now as long as he has his wings and ring, he's all good.

Andrew and Noah

Andrew and Noah before we went in the pool. The hotel was freezing so I made them wear sweatshirts down to the pool and we froze our tails off going back to the room.

Mommy and boys! (This took more than one try. I figure two out of three looking at the camera is pretty good.)


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