Friday, December 05, 2008

VanDen Toorn Thanksgiving

Here are some pics of the VanDen Toorn Thanksgiving. We had a big turkey/chicken dinner at the Engelsma's for lunch (20 + guests) and then went to my parents' house for a ham dinner with my family and my Uncle John, Aunt Ev, Courtney, and Matthew, family from Canada. I didn't take any pictures of the food or anything so here are a few more random shots.

My cousin Matthew and Andrew. We played some games after dinner. Has anyone ever played Apples to Apples. Glen Beck says its a great game, but I don't get much out of it. It's not objective at all so there doesn't seem to be any point to it. Not my favorite game, but we did get some good laughs since Chris takes everything so literally.

I think this should be his new profile pic on fb.

Chris (yes, we actually got him to play with us), Nathan (I'm not sure why he wears short sleeves when its snowy outside), Courtney ( my cousin whose diapers I remember changing and now she is 16!), and Andrew (I remember changing his diapers too but then he's only 3).

Courtney and Michelle

Dad. Couldn't get him to play this time. Oh well. We'll have to break out the Rook next time the VanDen Toorn's come over.

Uncle John and Noah (Noah's not shy)

Courtney and Noah


  1. We played Apples to Apples in Texas. We had fun. I purchased it and we played it here on Thanksgiving. Of course, I thought I was buying the one I like best from Texas. I bought the wrong one. What I really wanted was In A Pickle. You should have seen me explaining the wrong game. Too funny!

  2. I guess Nathan and I are truly related. I almost always wear shor sleeves. I just am always warm.

  3. Yeah, if you're warm, short sleeves it is, but he complains he's cold!

  4. Ok, so the game you like is In a Pickle? Never heard of it. I bought Apples to Apples for Dad for Christmas last year and we played it that day and Thanksgiving day and that's it! Maybe you need the right kind of group.


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