Sunday, November 30, 2008

When the Fruit is Brought Forth

Nearly a century ago a young girl on the Hudson fell into an evil life and the county records show the history of her descendants. They were 900 in number. Of these, 200 are on the county records as criminals; 9 of her own children served an aggregate term in state prisons of 50 years; and a considerable proportion of her descendants were prostitutes and drunkards.
History records a corresponding fact: Jonathan Edwards was a man whom the Word of God had changed from sin to holiness. A record of his descendants is known. Out of 1400 of these, 8 have been presidents of American universities; 100 have been professors; 100 have been ministers of the gospel; 600 have been doctors; 30, judges; 25, officers in the Army and Navy; and others, mayors, senators, governors, and ambassadors.
(Taken from The Banner of Truth, Publication of the HRC)

I find it astounding that the way you live your life and raise your children has such an affect on your descendants. What an awesome responsibility.

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