Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Top things we are thankful for from the year 2008:
1. Chris was able to take a job much closer to home in the theological area, thus being able to use his seminary background in his vocation.
2. All of our boys are healthy and growing and we were blessed with a new son, Joel Adrian.
3. We were blessed materially this year. We are well able to provide for ourselves and were able to purchase a van to accommodate our family. We are enjoying our new house, which we've been in for a year and a half.
4. Chris's dad continues to enjoy good health after his leukemia treatments. He was diagnosed 4 years ago.
5. We have family, friends, and church family, all of which we enjoy.

We have so many things to be thankful for that it is hard to list them all. But I think the above are probably the biggest things we are thankful for. In our culture, its hard not to take things for granted, and I'm learning to be thankful for small things as well as big things.

"In everything give thanks."

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