Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fitness, Week 4

I am keeping up with my exercise!  4 whole weeks!  I think I'm eating marginally better than before, but could probably still cut some carbs and sugar out.  I'm participating in an accountability group and my goals are to exercise at least 20 minutes 4x a week and no more than 3 sweet treats per week.  I did great on my exercise last week but not so great on sweets.  I'm doing much better this week, but the real test will be when I make cupcakes for Luke's birthday tomorrow.  :-)

Today I did about 20 minutes of this workout until she had us doing stuff in plank position again and I quit.  Don't have much strength in my arms and my core definitely needs work.  I wanted to do some ab stuff too so I did this workout.  It was much harder for me than it looked.  I'm not kidding myself into thinking I can get back up to 55-60 sit-ups/minute like in high school, but maybe 20??  We'll see.

Anyone have some great online workout suggestions?  Send me the link in the comments!

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