Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Boy Pics (and a few other snippets)

The boys went to a neighborhood Bible school this week and had a great time.  Their closing program was tonight and since they were all wearing clean clothing at the same time, I tried snap a few pics.

Attempting group pics.  This one could be worse.

I can just hear Aaron thinking, "This is so bowing (boring)."  That's his new favorite word.
Noah's thrilled to pieces.

Ok, are we done yet??

Andrew, 8 1/2 years old
He can be such a big helper!  Unless his nose is stuck in a book...

Noah, 6 years old
Growing up so fast, he has a sweet disposition that is starting to shine more and more.

Joel aka "Froggy," 4 1/2 years old
He loved going to Bible school this week.  Except he kept calling it science camp for some reason.

Aaron, a new 3 year old
He can be very sweet, and very exasperating!  He's very cuddly and loves to show affection

We had beautiful purple skies a couple of nights ago.

This is looking out the back of our house.  It was lightning too, but my camera didn't catch that.

Andrew's photo op of Luke aka "Big Blue Eyes."

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