Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

We went to visit Aunt Marlene in Indiana while Chris attended a conference in KY.  

We stopped at the Fort Wayne's Children Zoo on our way.  Beautiful zoo!
It had a lot of different animals than our zoo in GR.

It was hot and humid.  Luke was not impressed.  I put him in the front carrier and he slept and sweated his way through the zoo.

We saw some cool animals.  The male lion was right by the window and seemed to be looking at us. 

The zoo has about 7 giraffes.  This one is a male and the tallest giraffe they have.  He put his huge head over the fence.  But don't stand too close, he swings his head when he's agitated.  No one was supposed to pet him.  The zookeeper coming on duty shooed everyone away.

Look at his long tongue!

Vultures.  They even look mean.

Joel finding some shade.

Aaron had  a great time.

Noah got a sliver aka blister, so he spent most of his time barefoot.

Banana trees growing in the greenhouse.

So cute!  A mama primate with her baby.

Sea lions (not the same as seals).  These were really neat.

Penguin feeding time.  The keepers made sure everyone got their fair share.

Our big splurge, the log ride.  Kids loved it.

Mommy and Noah's log.

Watching the sea lions train on our way out of the zoo.

Group pic!

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