Monday, January 21, 2013

Kitchen tip: Cooking Bulk Ground Beef

I bought 10 lbs of ground beef at Aldi last week and I was really looking up against browning it all.  So I googled "browning ground beef crockpot" and found a really easy way to do it.


I was able to put 5 lbs at a time in my crockpot.  I crumbled it up, added about a cup of water and turned it on high.  I tried to mix it up with my Pampered Chef Mix n Chop every 45 min to an hour because it would start to really brown around the edges.


About 3 hours later, I had 5 lbs of browned beef with no splatters on my stove!  I stuck the beef in a colander to drain and then added my other 5 lbs to the crockpot.  It takes longer than browning it on the stove, but I think there is less mess and I don't have to stand and watch it, just stir it occasionally.  Today I've made 6 lbs into taco meat and sloppy joes (all in the crockpot!) and am going to make chili and shepherd's pie with the rest. 

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