Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's Cookin'

Oops.  No menu plan this week.  And we could tell!  I didn't cook Monday and we ended up having nachos with taco meat from the freezer on Tues.  I cooked on Wed, but Chris wasn't home for dinner and on Thurs. we went to Burger King for dinner.  So I didn't do much cooking this week but the meals I did make were (in my opinion) delicious!

On Wednesday, I made Chicken Tetrazzini.

Very yummy!  Just a couple changes:  I used all whole milk and no cream, but next time I will try skim milk.  And I left out the peas.  I also used grilled chicken I had in the freezer and halved the recipe.  We will definitely be eating this again.

Friday night I made a Mexican fiesta for some friends we had over for dinner.  I'm glad we had company, or I may have ate too much.  We started out with a wedge salad with tomatoes, red onions and homemade ranch.  I will definitely make wedge salads again.  They are very easy and look so elegant.  The homemade ranch was only so so.  I think it needed more seasoning.  The main dish was chicken enchiladas which were all I could ever want in an enchilada and more.  I've made enchiladas 3x in the last 3 weeks and I think this was the best version.  I used the enchilada sauce found here and the chicken found here.  I mixed the chicken with a little softened cream cheese (about 2 oz) and rolled them up, covered them with the enchilada sauce and baked them for 20 minutes at 400.  We also had Mexican Black Beans (using the slow cooker method found here) and Cilantro Lime Rice (cooked rice in the microwave and added a bit of minced garlic and subbed chicken broth for water).    But now I better not make any Mexican food for awhile because Chris is getting sick of it.  :-)

Here's next week's plan:
Mon~Oatmeal pancakes, sausage, eggs (We have kiddie company for dinner!)
Tues~Crockpot Beef Stroganoff (recipe coming!), egg noodles, green beans
Wed~Double crunch honey garlic pork chops, brown rice, salad

Thurs~Chris is giving blood with his brothers, so maybe the boys and I will try these with some carrot sticks.
Fri~Baked General Tso Chicken, brown rice, Chinese veggies
Sat~Egg stuffed potatoes, salad, fruit
Sun~Chicken noodle soup, bread

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