Monday, April 02, 2012

Morrie's Grocery Outlet

Located at 2410 Chicago Drive, Hudsonville, MI
Here on FB.  Info here and here.
Morrie's Grocery outlet is a discount grocery store that sells damaged, expired, or surplus foods.  And before you get sicked out, check out the info here on eating expired foods.  The boys and I made our 2nd visit to Morrie's this morning and here are some of the deals we found, starting at the sourcream and going clockwise:

Breakstone sour cream~69 cents
Sunbelt granola bars ~ $1.19
Malt-o-meal cereal ~ 99 cents
2 lbs of shredded colby cheese~$2.99 (I got this home and saw that the expiration date was Dec, but there is no signs of mold, etc, so I think it'll be fine.)
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice ~ 79 cents (the rice felt a bit hard in the package so we'll see how it tastes)
Bittersweet baking chocolate ~ $1.49
Individual bags of snacks ~ 10 cents each (LOVE these for trips to park, zoo, etc.)

I also saw Starbucks coffee, $5.99 for 12 oz.  Not sure if that's a good deal or not.
Morrie's stock varies each time you go so you're never sure what kind of "treasure" you will find.  They also sell yogurt, eggs, meat, paper goods, diapers, etc.  


  1. cool. it's like the foodbank! did you find more than in the picture? was it worth the drive there?

  2. I wouldn't make the drive every week, but probably once a month, especially because I can go to Aldi on the way home. I got multiples of most of the stuff in the picture. Last time I got some really cheap lunch meat that looked freshly sliced from a turkey breast (not the pressed meat stuff). The condiments are really cheap too and now that I read that condiments stay good for like a year after the expiration date (except mayo), I'll probably get those next time.
    Are you guys on break? :-)

  3. nope we're plowing on with school so we can be finished mid-May. We could always be pursuaded to do a park day though......
    I'm not too afraid of expired stuff. I might check it out if we are in that area


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