Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring Break at the Zoo

The boys' cousins and aunt had spring break this week so we took a trip to the zoo.
Sisters!  Connie, Cady and  Corinna.

I tried to pick the best shot of Ang.  Joel and Jayden look a little nervous.

The girls and Andrew.

Connie Ella

Cassidy, seeing how high she can jump.

Corinna did pretty good...

but Aunt Ang jumped as high as a kangaroo!

Group shot!

Jayden, Cady, Andrew, Noah, Connie, Cassidy, Ang, Joel, Corinna, and Aaron


  1. Frog's glasses look like they about to fall into the gator pond.

  2. That was terribly fun! The baboon resembling Auntie Heather was the best. And I am really not that scary. :D


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