Thursday, October 06, 2011

Artprize 2011

3rd year of Artprize and we finally made it downtown to see some art.  We had a great time, but it would have been a lot better if we hadn't lost Joel for 5 minutes right at the beginning of the evening.  Talk about sheer panic.  We had been looking at some displays in front of the Gerald Ford Museum and walked around the water feature in the front.  We were kind of separated because it was pretty busy and Chris and I must have each assumed that the other had Joel.  We went inside the museum to look around and I checked to see where all the kids were and noticed Joel was not in the stroller.  Chris ran out of the museum and ran all around the water feature in front and there was Joel playing with two policemen and a lady.  He was a bit shook up and Chris and I both felt horrible.  Such a helpless feeling not knowing where your child is.  I know I sent up a frantic prayer, but its hard to even think when you're in the situation.  So thankful that it turned out fine.  Joel held pretty tight to my hand the rest of the night.

After the tremors died down, we had a pretty great night wandering around downtown.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was kind of neat seeing so many people milling around.  

 Bears in the water fountain!  This exhibit made it into the top ten.

 Here is where we lost Joel.  When we left, there was a big crowd around it.  Chris thinks that when he veered around the group of people, Joel got distracted watching something and didn't follow and somehow we didn't notice right away.

 After we found Joel.  He was sticking pretty close to us.

 Joel thought this one was neat, he likes trucks.

 Monkeys hanging from the walking bridge.  

 Some monkeys hanging around the tiger!

 Stuck in the stroller but very happy!

 Rusty also made it into the top ten.

 First family pic in probably over a year.  At least mom and dad are smiling!

 The boys thought the whale skeleton in the museum was neat.  We should have gone here first since we got into the museum free and we could have looked all around.

Some funny art outside the YMCA.  

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