Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Meijer Mis-experience

(I made a new word. Like it?)

I usually go grocery shopping on Monday nights, sometimes by myself but more often with 1+ children. The original plan was to take Noah and Andrew and let them get the "special" cart (the ones you pay $1 for and kids can watch Bob, etc.). I've only allowed them to do this once before and so they were pretty happy about it. Unfortunately, Andrew misbehaved after dinner and so he had to stay home. Fortunately for Joel, he was elected to take Andrew's place. So off I went with Noah and Joel. First stop was Family Fare where they were perfect. Second stop was Walgreens where I spent $3 and got $7 in RR (Happy face over here!). Last stop, the big one, was Meijer. Boys were super stoked and hopped into the special cart. All was well for about 90 seconds. Unfortunately, Joel does not really like to watch videos. And so he started being a pest about 90 seconds into the adventure. And Noah doesn't like to be pested. So he was rather vocal in his protests. And everyone in a 5 mile radius of Meijer decided to go grocery shopping last night. So it was rather busy. I decided to zoom through my shopping. I grabbed my 10 lbs of ground beef from the butcher for my freezer cooking day, taking 7 lbs in one package since I was just going to brown it all up. Got to the checkout and the cashier discovered their was no bar code on the package. No problem, I just showed him one of the 1 lb. packages with the price. Unfortunately, when I got home, I discovered he charged me regular price, not the sale price. So I lost 7 bucks there. And Joel went into meltdown mode in the checkout. Not a pleasant experience. To make matters worse, the special cart decided it didn't want to turn one of its wheels on the way out. So I had to stick my hip into it and forcibly slide it across the entire front of the store to its parking spot. Believe me, I was sweating by the time I left. Joel and Noah will NOT be accompanying me together to Meijer any time soon.


  1. Heather...you are right, they don't want to go shopping with you anyway...they want to come to Aunt Aimee's!

  2. That's for sure, they ask almost every day!! :-)


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