Thursday, March 31, 2011


My Walgreens trip:

2 Folgers coffee @ $2.79 each
2 Skintimate shave gel @ $2 each
1 Speedstick @ $1.99
1 Gummy Lifesavers @ $1

Minus family and friends discount: 15% off total order, before coupons (only available today)
Minus coupons: $2 off each coffee, 55 cents off each shave gel, 50 cents off Speedstick
Minus RR: $5
Total: 39 cents + $3 in RR

They also have toothpaste on sale that I will be able to get free with coupons and RR, but they were all out. I'm going to check another Walgreens while I'm out tomorrow. I will also pick up some more deodorant since I have more coupons.


  1. Oh quit your bragging! LOL! I haven't used a coupon in at least a month. Bad, bad, me! :P

  2. Hahhaa! Come on over and I'll take you dumpster diving for coupons. :-)

  3. That actually sounds kind of fun!! I think I need a night out! :D

  4. Sweet! So do I. I'll send out an email. :-)


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