Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kid Pics from Auntie Andrea

The boys go to Aunt Andrea's to visit Kaimira and Jayden every other week while I go to school. They have a lot of fun!

Cousins playing together. They're not always this cooperative. :-)

Jayden and Joel~close cousins

Playing in Jayden's jumper.

Looks like someone's up to something!

Jayden is 2 and a half months older than Joel and he is crawling around and as you can see, has a few more teeth than Joel.

Andrea takes much better pics of Andrew than I can. He always has a real cheesy smile on his face when I try to take his pic.

Andrea said she had to take this picture of Noah because its so classically him~pants falling down.

Joel sitting up like such a big boy.

Playing horsie~I've never seen them do this at home.


Classic Joel~tongue hanging out of his mouth while he smiles.

Love you!


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