Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last year not much was done outside our house. I was pregnant with Joel and had no motivation or energy to work outside. But this year, I got an earlier start and have had a lot of fun putting together the flower bed and pots. Hopefully I will be able to keep it weeded and looking nice this summer.

I've always wanted two big pots, one on each side of the garage door and today I found them 50% off at Meijer's and since my generous husband told me I had a blank check to fix up the outdoors, I bought them! I think maybe next time he'll give me an actual amount to spend, but I tried not to take advantage of him! I put some purple and dark red flowers in them (can't remember the names), so we'll see how they do. I'm going to get some dangly green foilage that my mom has and stick that in too.

These green spiky plants get flowers on them, but I can't remember what color. I'm thinking maybe yellow but I'm not sure. I need something to put to the right of the plants next to the step but I'm not sure yet. Maybe a bird bath or garden statue.

Don't mind the black in the corner of the pictures. The shutter was partway open and I didn't notice. Oh, and the black in the middle is just Simon. I think he wanted to pose for some pictures. All the plants in this front flower bed are from my sister-in-law Alice's overflowing perennial garden. She helped us put it all together a few months after we moved in. The hostas and seedum are already getting huge. The tree on the right is a cherry tree. Last year there was only one cherry on it, but this year there will be lots more. My grandpa Roffel made the planter on the front step. I also have a white bench that I'm going to plant the rest of the annuals I have in (I bought way too many!). I also discovered today that my strawberry plants were not murdered by the bulldozer next door! They were covered with dirt but they poked through and I see they have little green strawberries on them! Does anyone know if you can replant strawberry plants (after they're done for the season)? We're planting a small vegetable patch on the west side of the house with tomatoes, cabbages, and beans. I don't think its going to get much sun though so we may have to rethink that next year.

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