Friday, November 21, 2008

Noah and cheese

Noah's absolute favortite food is cheese. He will stand at the fridge and say, "Chee, chee," when he wants some. So the other night, Andrew told me he was "hungry" (code word meaning he wants candy). I said he could have some cheese and he went and got a package of the presliced cheese out of the fridge and sat on the floor with Noah to have some cheese. I wasn't really paying attention, so when I glanced down at the floor, I was surprised to see this...

He had the whole package of cheese and he was chowing down, even eating the pieces of paper they place between the slices! So I snapped a pic before I took it away. (And yes, he threw a total fit!)


  1. This is too precious! It beats chocolate syrup on a carpeted kitchen floor. That is what one of our boys did. You will have such adventures.


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