Friday, May 18, 2012

A very late post, but...Happy 5th birhtday, Noah!

Noah turned 5 on April 11.

Noah's favorite toy:  a matchbox car/truck.  He loves them!  Every nap time he brings a hoard of them to bed with him and sometimes puts them under his pillow while he sleeps.

Blue Grandpa and Grandma got him a bike for his birthday.  Its a little large (my fault), but he'll grow in to it and he can ride it with a little bit of help already.

Noah's cake~My attempt to give him a fun cake with minimal effort.  I think he was fairly pleased.  :-)

Daddy had a little addition to the cake when Mommy wasn't looking...

Noah was my smallest baby, only 7 lbs 4 oz when he was born, and he is still the most petite of all the boys.  He's also the quietest, probably because his older brother and his younger brother both jabber constantly, and his baby brother has some rather strong vocal cords also.  Noah is much different than Andrew, something I'm discovering more and more as I begin teaching him how to read.  He's not as easy to teach and has more disciplinary issues than Andrew, but he can also be very sweet.  He's been helping me a lot more around the home lately and he always wants to be around me, even asks me to sit outside while he plays.  He loves to have his back scratched and his favorite foods are cheese and sausage.  He's not a big sweets eater, he even declines candy on occasion!  We love seeing his personality change and develop as he gets older.

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