Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aldi deals

I just came home from the Knapp's corner Aldi and here are the deals I found:

Milk~$1.69 each (only at Knapp's corner)
Pineapple~$1.59 each
White button mushrooms~69 cents for 8 oz
Celery~69 cents
Baby carrots~59 cents
Bananas~43 cents/lb


  1. I neeeeeed to know what size of milk you got for so cheap!!! I am amazed at the cheap prices you Americans have! (O:

  2. Belinda, it was a gallon! Best price at Meijer is usually $2.50/gallon. I can show you around when you guys come. :-)

  3. Please do! (O: We pay 4.99 for a gallon here. Crazy eh!


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