Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We do pretty much the same thing every Memorial day.  The kids know what to expect and they always have loads of fun.  At noon, we always hit the Walker parade, then a potluck right down the street with Chris's family and then we go to my parent's house for dinner.  And this year, to sit in the air conditioning!  :-)

 Joel and Noah waiting for the parade to start.  Noah's a cool dude in his shades.

 Cousin Corinna, the boys' favorite babysitter!

 Aunt Ang (heehee)

 Cousin Cass

 Before the parade started, these planes flew up and down the street a few times.

 All ready with candy bags.  

 Connie and Cady

 Still waiting...

 Frog loves parades!

 And Aaron loves the parade candy.  :-)

Some of Chris's relatives drove their company van in the parade and when the got to our spot, loads of candy was dumped out in front of us!  I think the kids on the other side of the street were a bit stunned.

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