Friday, May 18, 2012

Random pics found on the camera

And I notice they are all of Aaron.  :-)

 Mmm, mmm, mac and cheese.  He eats all the hot dogs first, then the noodles.

 So a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to do some school with Noah but Aaron kept interrupting us.  So I stuck him in his bedroom and shut the door.  I was so impressed with how nicely it sounded like he was playing in there by himself.  Until I opened the door.  Somehow he got the baby powder off the changing table and discovered it was open and was throwing it up and watching the powder puff out as it hit the floor.  All over the place.  At least it was easily cleaned up and it freshened up his room.

 Who, me?

 Watching the birds outside the window.

And snacking.  He likes to snack.  Oh, and notice what he always has with him, his 'boppi' or paci (in his hand) and his 'ganki' (tucked next to him).

 Hmm, what's this, snacking again!

Farmer boy.  He looks like he's thinking about getting in to something.

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