Monday, August 31, 2009

What's Cookin'

So back to menu planning. Much easier to plan dinner when I know what's cookin' ahead of time. We've made a few impulse trips to restaurants the last couple of weeks so its time to plan again!
Mon~Grilled cheese, watermelon
Tues~Italian meatball subs, salad
Wed~Spaghetti, cheese filled garlic breadsticks, veggie, peach cobbler
Thurs~Beef Lombardi, corn, carrots
Fri~Beef Enchiladas, tortilla chips, carrot sticks
Sun~Teriyaki pork roast, rice pilaf, carrots
Mon~Labor Day-will probably be making deviled egges, Caramel cake, and bean dip to take to various get-togethers
Tues~Chicken tenders and fries, or leftovers
Wed-Sat~camping in LUDINGTON!

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