Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ludington 2009

We just returned from our camping trip to Ludington, and although we are tired (and dirty!), we had a good time. We realized that camping with three little boys is not for the faint of heart! But we had a good time away from home and now I am doing laundry in preparation for leaving again on Tuesday for our church's family camp. Here are some pics from this past week:

Noah at the beach. He wasn't feeling the best and he just sat and watched everyone in the water. Then he laid down on a towel. Poor baby.

Andrew had tons of fun in the sand until he turned around and clunked heads with another little boy.

Playing in the sand.

We took the boys canoeing and although, they weren't thrilled, they did end up enjoying the trip. I don't think they'll be asking to go again, though.

I was very surprised that Andrew smiled so well for this pic. He was terrified about getting into the canoe, and kept pointing to the shore and asking if we could get out and walk! He settled down once we got going.

Chris, rowing like an Indian. Andrew was not impressed since this rocked the canoe.

My dad, grimacing because Noah was using his hair as handles.

We went on a hike with my mom and dad when they came up to visit and here is Noah sitting in a tree.

Joel learned how to pull himself up on this baby fence while we were camping. Since we came home, he's pulled himself up on the pack and play and crib.

He didn't seem to mind face planting into the sand. There was sand everywhere! I swept the tent and shook the bedding out everyday, but the boys still woke up with sand all over the place every morning!

Noah, Kaimira and Joel. We went to watch the sunset every night at the beach with most of Chris's relation who were also camping.

Andrew at the beach~he had tons of fun with all the kids his age.

If you've been around Noah for any length of time, you know he tends to hold the last bite of food in his mouth until it dribbles down his chin or we dig it out. We thought we had him fooled by feeding him applesauce, but apparantly, you can hold applesauce in your mouth too.

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