Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rite Aid deal BOMBED

So I was going to try and earn $17 buying 9 battery powered razors. However, I went to 2 Rite Aids and was only able to buy 4 so I didn't reach the number for the deal. I was able to sell the razors on ebay, but still was not able to make up the cost of buying coupons, etc. So I learned my lesson. No more crazy ideas!
I bought coupons for CVS this week and that deal worked out ok, but I still had to go to two CVS's to get the number of products I needed. I went out first thing Mon. morning since I knew that they run out of sale items quickly. The first CVS had none of the products and I was informed they wouldn't be getting anymore until Saturday. The 2nd CVS only had 4 left. I needed 5, but was still able to do the deal by purchasing a different product. However, now I have $10 ECBs I need to spend in the next month or they expire. I think I'm done doing these kind of deals unless they are at Walgreen's. I seem to have better luck there.


  1. What is your hourly billing rate?

  2. I should be so lucky to have a billing rate. :-)

  3. I didn't think it was a crazy idea. Just one that didn't work.

  4. I hate when this happens. I bombed a spend $10 on coke/get $10 off shoes deal today at Meijer and I'm not happy about it.


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