Friday, April 10, 2009


Please. Tell me to stop. I have bought two things in the last two days from Craigslist.
I bought Noah a tricycle yesterday for $15 (the same exact one I saw in Target the day before for $70!) and I bought Joel a Bumbo seat for $30 today (not the best deal, but it is brand new in the box). I'm finding it much more appealing than Ebay. I am able to buy bigger items for cheap and see them firsthand before laying down my cash. We bought a kitchen table and chairs about a month ago off Craigslist and sold my Neon on there a few months ago. Highly recommend using the service and highly advise that it may be addicting. :-)


  1. STOP! j/k. I always check craigslist first. But I did get a great deal on a bumbo on ebay. Bought one NIB for $29 including shipping and they sent me two for some reason! They both had the same transaction #. So I stuck one on craigslist for $30 and I still have my own (which looks like new b/c Colton doesn't care for it :). Anyway happy shopping.

  2. NO WAY! That is crazy. So basically yo got a free one. I forgot, you always get all the ebay deals. I'll have to check with you first next time. :-)


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