Thursday, April 16, 2009

Biased CNN Reporter

Glad CNN doesn't claim to be fair and balanced. Check out this CNN reporter at the Chicago TEA party yesterday. I don't watch CNN, but this is definitely the most biased piece of journalism I have ever seen. She's obviously not trying to get the whole story-she came with an agenda and she's making sure her agenda is broadcasted, not what actually happened. Check out the clip here. She has a totally different tone when the protesters are on her side. This is why Fox news viewers blow CNN out of the water. A couple of years ago, she was at an anti-Bush rally and had this to share: A protester wearing a George W. Bush mask, complete with a colored in Hitler-esque mustache and red horns attached to the forehead was deemed a Bush "look-alike" by reporter Susan Roesgen.

I attended the Hudsonville TEA party yesterday with my dad and all three boys and it was great. An estimated 1000 people showed up! Pretty great for the small town of Hudsonville. It was a bit calmer than the Chicago TEA party. :-)

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