Monday, January 26, 2009

What's up with Meijer lately?

This morning I went to the grocery store after Joel's dr appointment with all 3 kids. I have been going by myself or with Chris lately, just because its easier than trying to go by myself with 3 kids. But I didn't have a ton to get, so I thought I would just do it quick on my way home. So I got to Meijer at about 10:30, figuring it would go pretty smoothly. Not so much. It is very difficult to get through the check out with 3 little kids without creating complete havoc. Noah cried pretty much the entire time we waited for the lady in front of us to ring up her 50 coupons (Seriously, she must have had 50 coupons. Pass some this way!) . It was a young guy checking our groceries and he said two words to me, rushed me through the checkout while I'm trying to put groceries in the cart and prevent Noah from totally melting down. Fortunately, Joel slept through it all. What really irritates me though is that they don't have their sale items stocked! I told Andrew we could get some John Deere fruit snacks that were on sale and they were gone already! A couple of weeks ago I went at night to shop and 5 items that I wanted were completely off the shelves. So I'm thinking of writing to Meijer. Not complaining, but maybe giving some helpful criticism. My dad told me that the checkers at Meijer are timed. Not such a great idea when you are trying to handle your kids, groceries and pay the checker. Also, maybe they need to monitor their customer flow so that the shelves are stocked at the right time. There is no replacement for Meijer for me, its close and has everything I need at reasonable prices, but it would be nice if they improved some areas.

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  1. I've had the same thing lately, which is especially irritating when you have kids in tow. But you should definitely write to Meijer. Not only would feedback be helpful to them, but I hear they are good about compensating you for your troubles if you mention you are a regular/faithful customer. The timed cashier idea is backfiring on customer service, no doubt!


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