Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Noah's first haircut

Noah is 21 months old and I cut his hair for the first time on the day before Christmas. He seemed so babyish with his long hair that I was reluctant to cut it off. But it was getting pretty long. Long enough that I could have put a short braid in. Long enough that Chris threatened to buzz his whole head while I was gone one day. So I decided I better do it myself. I used the longest comb on my shearers. Here are a few before and after pictures:

Noah getting ready for his haircut. He has no clue what's about to happen.

Still happy, glad he's getting so much attention from mommy. You can see his wispy hair floating around his collar.

His pretty long hair! I thought it was cute.

Post hair-cut. Not so happy to get his picture taken now.

Much shorter hair in the back now!

A more subdued Noah. Notice the pacifier. He wasn't that thrilled to have the buzzers going over his head. I just cut the back and sides and left the front longer. He still is my cute little boy, but definitely looks a little older now.

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