Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winning at Walgreens

I haven't been to Walgreen's in about a month but this week was a good week.  I spent more out of pocket than I would have liked to because they were out of things the first 2 times I went in this week, but I still got some useful items for my stockpile.

Total OOP was about $12 and I have $8 RR to spend next time.

To put things in perspective, a friend on facebook had about 10x the amount of stuff from Walgreens and only spent $14 OOP.  Um, wow?!  However, she went to 3 stores for a total of 9 transactions.  If I wasn't hauling all my kids with me and didn't mind aggravating the cashiers, I might try that too.  But this works for me and it helps my family's bottom line so I'll just keep at it.  :-)

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