Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freezer Cooking with Chicken (and a little beef and pork)

(Please excuse the enormously huge photos!)

Last Saturday I was going to start my freezer cooking by just doing a few chicken meals. I had bought all my chicken at Meijer on sale last week and my fridge was overflowing so it was time to cook!  My few meals turned into quite a few and I ended up doing a bit on Labor day.

The first meal I made was Continental Beef.  I actually made this in my crockpot overnight and woke up to the smell Saturday morning.  Not recommended.  If I do that again, the crockpot's going in the garage overnight.  Anyway, 2 meals of that.

This is Sesame Chicken.  I marinated that most of the day and then Chris grilled it for me.  After it cooled, I chopped it into chunks which I can use for salads, pitas, quesadillas, pretty much anything that I need cooked chicken for.  I have about 3 meals of this in my freezer now.

This was super simple.  Just mixed all the ingredients together and then divided them between two bags of chicken.  Orange Teriyaki chicken x 2 for the grill.  We're trying this tonight. 

Peanut Satay~Just cut the chicken in chunks and then dump the marinade on top.  This goes on kebab sticks for the grill.  

3 meals of pork ribs browned slightly and ready for the crockpot and barbecue sauce.

12 Cheesy Chicken bundles, 3 meals for our family

Spicy Peanut Chicken x 1

Chicken Parmesan x 2~Still have to make the red sauce for this.  I have 2 cans of 100oz + tomato products I need to use from Sam's.  

This was another super simple crockpot meal for the freezer.  I put raw chicken in the bottom of the crockpot and mixed the rest of the ingredients and dumped them on top.  And it made a ton!  3 meals of Chicken Alfredo for our family.  

Since cauliflower was super cheap last week, I ended up with 6 heads total that I washed, cut, and then boiled for a few minutes.  Cauliflower x 6

I cooked more chicken in the crockpot for this, Parmesan-crusted Chicken Broccoli casserole.  My crockpot was going constantly all day.  I'd finish something, clean it out and dump the next batch in.  Definitely should have borrowed a crockpot or two.  

Breakfast burritos~these are almost gone already.

Chopping up 3 lbs of cooked bacon

I also made 2 meals of French steak and I have a couple more meals of cooked chicken, plus I did a bunch more corn this week.  And I mixed up a huge batch of coconut chocolate chip cookie dough and divided it into 4 freezer bags.  Our freezer is well-stocked!


  1. Wowsers girl - you look set for awhile! I'm so incredibly impressed!


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